About us

In SEEDiA we create products that gather solar energy.

Our solar benches, stands and other products utilize the energy they gather for charging mobile devices (with USB ports and wireless chargers), Wi-Fi hotspots, heated seats, radio, LEDs and paper screens.

We are a team of courageous individuals, including engineers, for whom ecology is not simply a word. We are passionate about renevable energy sources, including photovoltaics.

Our furniture is being used in public spaces, shopping centers, airports and hotels.



We utilize solar panels that will help you decrease energy usage and therefore lower CO2 emission.


Products from Smart Solar Bench and Smart Solar Charge series are equipped with USB and wireless chargers, available 24/7.


Thanks to our solutions, while using the bench you will be able to connect to wireless internet.

Relaxation and UX

Our benches are made of highest quality materials and are designed to provide users with highest comfort during rest.

What we do?

We design and make solar products, including furnitures and stands.



We offer 4 models of solar benches for indoor and outdoor use. All of them have charging modules for mobile devices and can optionally be equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots.
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We offer several models of stands for loading mobile phones. We can additionally equip them with a Wi-Fi module and a photovoltaic panel.
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We take care of our products all the way through. Thanks to our experience in industrial design, we can create any product that fits specific, individual needs.


Mobile Device Charging Stands

Case study

Our client, innogy

purchased 2 models or our solar benches: BIKE and Invention.

Those outdoor benches were set up in various locations along the shore of Vistula.
Locations: Bar Rejs, nad Wisłą, Warszawa and Plac Zabaw, nad Wisłą, Warsaw, Poland.


We are a team of over a dozen enthusiasts of renewable energy and high quality design. We create highest quality smart solar solutions for cities and corporate clients.

Piotr Hołubowicz
Piotr HołubowiczCEO, Co-Founder

Main areas of interest

Product development | Company Leadership | Product Vision | Research and Development | Manufacturing | Industrial Design

Artur Racicki
Artur RacickiCo-Founder

Main areas of interest

b2b strategy | Operations | New business | Product development | more: racicki.com


Here we write about our implementations and share our knowledge.

Three smart benches in Zielona Góra

Since July, the citizens of Zielona Góra can enjoy three solar benches from our new line - City. The line is designed for municipal spaces, and characterized by its modern motif, which is a great

bValue venture capital fund will invest up to 3 million PLN in SEEDiA

bValue venture capital fund will invest up to 3 million PLN in SEEDiA, the producer of solar benches and innovative smart city devices. It is the fund’s first investment as part of a new edition

2017 TOP 50 most creative entrepreneurs by Brief

Piotr Hołubowicz and Artur Racicki, SEEDiA co-founders, have been distinguished in TOP 50 most creative businesspeople ranking by Brief magazine! The ranking has been published by Brief for the 7th time - SEEDiA co-founders have

Charge your phone – with a view of Warsaw

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, you’re on the Observation Deck of the Palace of Culture and Science. You are enjoying the picturesque view of Warsaw and decide to take some photos. When you reach to

None shall pass by the clever bench of Tarnobrzeg unconcerned

Solar benches have been at citizens’ disposal since April. Two black Urban Bike models have been ordered by the Tarnobrzeg City Hall; now they are located in the city center, constantly drawing pedestrians’ attention. Thanks

SEEDiA becomes the finalist of the second edition of Chivas The Venture!

The awards gala of the Polish edition of Chivas The Venture took place on January 26th in the exclusive Pin-Up Studio in Warsaw. During the event each finalist presented their world-changing business idea in front


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Ul. Podole 60
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NIP: 676 251 0412