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May 26, 2021
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Case studies

Seedia has installed its first solar benches on the British Isles!


Benches have evolved, becoming more than just a place to sit.

With the advancement of our technology, solar benches have emerged, providing both seating and a sustainable power source. Westcotec, a UK leader in traffic safety and smart city solutions, has been distributing Seedia’s innovative solar benches since 2019. The University of East Anglia (UEA) is among the institutions to adopt these benches, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Solar Future Bench in UK
Solar Future Bench in the UK

The UEA’s embrace of smart solar benches showcases how modern technology and eco-consciousness can benefit institutions and communities. These benches serve students, visitors, and the public, offering convenient charging options in a pleasant outdoor setting.

Solar benches, powered by the sun, represent a cleaner, sustainable future for our urban areas. We eagerly anticipate more UK cities and organizations joining the solar revolution. The future looks promising.

Kuba Podgórzak
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