Urban furniture

Smart solar benches
for the Smart City



SEEDiA solar benches are equipped with a variety of safety features

Tempered glass a layer covering solar panels
Anchoring attached to the ground
Steel casing resistance to vandalism
safe wifi
Safe internet P2P and adult sites blocking
Remote module control online monitoring
ISO 9001 ISO 9001 LL-C Certification
Ławka Solarna New Urban

How to improve the image of the municipality?

Many municipalities and cities face the challenge of increasing awareness and improving their image. Creating free Wi-Fi zones and urban hotspots combined with free power to charge mobile devices by USB ports is, according to research, one of the better ways to build a positive image. All of these functionalities can be achieved by our smart benches.

92% of users think that solar benches are a very good investment and regularly use free Internet or electricity. In addition, a remotely managed audio player allows you to “tell a story” and lighting increases security. Smog and energy sensors allow users to present the full data set in a mobile app and remote panel, while the city also gains user monitoring and heat maps for public space use. Act today by implementing a solar bench in your municipality!



Solar city bench


Our city solar bench was born out of experience and the search for new, more flexible ways to present our designs. Apart from its unique looks and modern character, City is based on a modular design, making it possible to create 3 different configurations from basic elements. Its personality is brought out by LED back light.
Solar City Bench

SEEDiA New Urban

The latest installment of the popular Urban series. The 2021 model was designed from scratch. Thanks to its modular structure, it becomes an even more effective tool in solving cities problems. The seat has been equipped with wooden elements for even greater comfort of use. Smart benches from the New Urban series are characterized by a structure resistant to external conditions. New Urban is perfect for parks and bicycle paths, as well as near public utility buildings.

Additional Information

In the era of dynamically developing smart cities, SEEDiA’s solar benches become not just an element of urban architecture, but above all, an innovative solution serving the residents. Our solar benches are more than just a place to sit – they are a hub of modern technology and ecological, free energy.

Integration with Urban Infrastructure

Our solar benches are designed not only as standalone pieces of equipment but as an integral part of urban infrastructure. They harmoniously fit into various urban environments – from parks and squares to bus stops and pedestrian areas. This integration elevates the aesthetics of the cityscape while providing practical benefits. Each smart bench is equipped with technology, allowing for easy integration with city management systems. This means that data on usage patterns and solar energy generation can be utilized by urban planners to make informed decisions about urban development and sustainable development initiatives.

Community Engagement and Accessibility

SEEDiA’s solar benches are more than just functional elements of urban equipment; they are catalysts for community engagement. They provide a space where residents can meet, charge their devices, and use the internet, fostering a sense of community in public spaces. Moreover, our benches are designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring their usability for all community members, including those with disabilities. This approach not only improves the quality of life in urban areas but also promotes inclusivity and social cohesion, making cities more friendly and comfortable for everyone.

Technology Tailored to Contemporary Needs

All benches are equipped with photovoltaic panels that effectively convert solar energy into electrical energy. This allows users to freely use a range of modern features, such as phone charging via USB ports, access to wireless internet (Wi-Fi hot-spot), and integrated audio modules. This smart combination of ecological energy and practical amenities allows for comfortable use of the benches in urban spaces, while supporting ecological initiatives.

Ecological and Self-Sufficient

Solar benches from our production are environmentally friendly and do not require an external power source. This solution meets the needs of modern cities striving for sustainable development and carbon footprint reduction.

Why Choose SEEDiA Solar Benches?

By choosing SEEDiA solar benches, you invest not only in the comfort of the residents but also in the image of the city. Our benches combine functionality, modern design, and technology, supporting the development of sustainable urbanism and enhancing the quality of life in urban spaces.