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September 11, 2023
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Case studies

Our platform enhances public transportation in Rzeszow


As part of this year’s Urban Technologies Fair, we implemented a solar information kiosk in Rzeszow, designed in the city’s colors.

Thanks to software, managing bus schedules becomes much more efficient. The system utilizes an e-paper screen located on the kiosk’s front to display real-time bus schedules. The main goal of this solution is to eliminate the need for manual schedule changes every time there is a route or timetable adjustment for buses. This results in a more efficient and dynamic management of information provided to passengers.

Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów
Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów

In addition to the savings associated with the elimination of the need for manual schedule updates, our infokiosk is fully powered by solar energy, regardless of the season. This guarantees virtually zero maintenance costs and the simplicity of device installation.

E-paper, thanks to its construction and operation principle, is characterized by exceptional energy efficiency. It only consumes energy when changing the displayed content. When disconnected from the power source, the displayed image remains visible. As a result, e-paper screens do not require standard power sources and are portable. They utilize reflected light (they do not emit light), which makes them easy on the eyes, and the image is equally readable in both artificial and strong sunlight, from any angle. This innovative technological solution makes the displayed image resemble a printed page on paper.



  • Electronic E-Paper Matrix
  • Bus Schedule Management
  • Central Management System
  • API Integration
  • Operator Management
  • Telemetric and Status Data
  • Off-Grid Operation
  • Remote Monitoring
Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów
Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów
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