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September 11, 2023
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Case studies

Our platform enhances public transportation in Rzeszow


As part of this year’s Urban Technologies Fair, we implemented a solar information kiosk in Rzeszow, designed in the city’s colors.

Thanks to software, managing bus schedules becomes much more efficient. The system utilizes an e-paper screen located on the kiosk’s front to display real-time bus schedules. The main goal of this solution is to eliminate the need for manual schedule changes every time there is a route or timetable adjustment for buses. This results in a more efficient and dynamic management of information provided to passengers.

Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów with e-paper display
Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów with e-paper display

In addition to the savings associated with the elimination of the need for manual schedule updates, our infokiosk is fully powered by solar energy, regardless of the season. This guarantees virtually zero maintenance costs and the simplicity of device installation.

The process of updating timetables takes about 20 minutes from the moment files are uploaded to the system. The platform allows users to schedule updates, enabling officials to determine when the new timetable should come into effect. The system automatically calculates when to start the process of sending files to the hardware.

The electric energy consumption of the device is closely related to the rate of uploading new files and the use of USB and induction chargers by residents. The average energy consumption is about 300 mW/h. The system autonomously manages the energy harvested from solar panels, always prioritizing the display of timetables. This technology has been patented by SEEDiA and is available exclusively in our products, making it a unique innovation introduced in Rzeszów.

The device is resistant to weather conditions. The e-paper screen is protected by a double-hardened, laminated glass. The casing is based on a frame, and the used steel sheet is galvanized and coated with high-quality powder paint. The device’s electronics continuously monitor temperature, managing it within the circuits, which protects the batteries. Thanks to these solutions, the system can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius. The device has been designed to serve the residents for many years.


  • Electronic E-Paper Matrix
  • Bus Schedule Management
  • Central Management System
  • API Integration
  • Operator Management
  • Telemetric and Status Data
  • Off-Grid Operation
  • Remote Monitoring
Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów with e-paper display
Solar InfoKiosk in Rzeszów with e-paper display
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