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May 18, 2023
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SEEDiA’s Extraordinary Project in Moldova – Green Innovations for a Better World


SEEDiA has won a competition to implement a project in Moldova under the Polish Challenge Fund, aimed at facilitating the transfer of Polish know-how and innovative solutions in response to the development challenges faced by partner countries of Polish assistance, this time in the Republic of Moldova.

Solar Bus Shelter Implementation in Moldova
Solar Bus Shelter Implementation in Moldova

In Q2 2023, SEEDiA successfully deployed a fully energy-independent solar canopy in the city of Stefan Voda, located in southern Moldova. The solar panels and batteries installed will enable the city to achieve a 100% reduction in energy costs compared to traditional bus stops. Equipped with an intelligent lighting system, the canopy conserves energy by reducing light intensity by several tens of percent when no one is present at the bus stop. As part of the project’s vision for a Smart City, air quality and noise sensors have been installed. A WiFi hotspot provides free internet access to public transportation users, while multifunctional benches with USB charging ports and wireless chargers enhance the comfort of travelers.

The deployment also features an e-paper display and a management system provided by, allowing for the complete automation of scheduling and public information management. Additionally, through the platform, the authorities of Stefan Voda can monitor real-time data from the sensors to promptly address local challenges, better understand the needs of residents, and make informed decisions.

A new addition to SEEDiA’s implementation is a rainwater collection gutter used for irrigation, supporting a 1000-liter rain garden (large retention planter) adjacent to the bus canopy. This system effectively retains and stores water, reducing air temperature and decreasing the number of dust particles in the air.

Smart Bus Shelter in Moldova
Smart Bus Shelter in Moldova

During the implementation phase, Artur Racicki, co-founder of SEEDiA, was present on-site. He participated in the Smart City conference, showcased SEEDiA’s solutions, and took part in the official project handover ceremony. In addition, Racicki recorded several videos capturing the spirit of fruitful cooperation with the authorities and activists from the city of Stefan Voda.

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with SEEDiA under the Polish Challenge Fund program. The solar bus stop will address the local needs and challenges our city faces. By employing green technologies and intelligent solutions, we can improve the accessibility and quality of public transportation while caring for the environment and the well-being of our residents,” said Vladislav Cociu, Mayor of Stefan Voda in Moldova.

Follow the linked video to watch a short summary of the implementation!

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