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August 23, 2023
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SEEDiA solar bus shelters in Pruszków


The city of Pruszków is leading the way in eco-friendly public transportation with the introduction of 4 new solar-powered bus shelters. Equipped with USB charging ports and intelligent interior lighting, our bus shelters help to conserve energy by reducing the light intensity by several dozen percent when no one is around.

Solar Bench in Pruszków
Solar Bench in Pruszków

But that’s not all; the bus shelters also have a Citylight feature, allowing for the installation of advertisements and information, as well as a front illuminated panel where the name of the bus stop can be displayed.

This latest implementation is a significant step towards making public transport in the area more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It not only benefits the commuters who can now charge their devices while waiting for the bus, but it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy sources

Wiaty solarne Pruszków
Wiaty solarne Pruszków

Moreover, the installation of Citylight advertising space opens up new opportunities for businesses and public services to reach out to the commuters, providing a much-needed source of revenue for the city. The illuminated panel displaying the bus stop name also ensures ease of use for the passengers.

Overall, the new solar-powered bus shelters in Pruszków are an excellent example of the benefits of implementing sustainable solutions in public transport infrastructure. We hope to see more cities and communities follow suit and work towards building a more environmentally friendly future with our products!

Kuba Podgórzak
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