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February 21, 2021
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Seedia's Innovative Future Benches: A Solar Revolution in Riyadh


Get ready for a glimpse into the urban future! Five innovative Future solar benches, featuring lighting management, audio messaging, USB charging, smog sensors, and data analysis, have been unveiled outside Aramco’s Riyadh headquarters. This marks a step towards smarter, more sustainable cities in the Arabian Peninsula.

Solar bench in Riyadh street
Solar bench in Riyadh street

The Smart Revolution

From Riyadh, SEEDiA benches now welcome you with cutting-edge technology. This pilot project by Aramco at their headquarters showcases the future of urban spaces. These benches offer:

  • Lighting Management: Adaptive lighting ensures safety after dark
  • Audio Messages: Keep informed while charging your device
  • Chargers: Stay powered up on the go
  • Smog Sensors: Monitoring air quality for a healthier environment
  • Data Analysis: These benches collect crowd and weather data, providing valuable insights.
Solar bench in Riyadh
Solar bench in Riyadh

Aramco’s installation highlights their commitment to innovation. As a leading energy company, they’re embracing intelligent solutions for sustainability, efficiency, and employee well-being.

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