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January 24, 2024
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Case studies

Solar bench of Polish inventors in Warsaw’s Ursynów - a project implemented as part of the participation budget.


As part of the civic budget in Warsaw’s Ursynów, three pieces of the Solar Urban bench by Seedia were installed. The intelligent solar benches by Seedia were the idea of councilors Paweł Lenarczyk and Piotr Skubiszewski from the coalition of two associations, Nasz Ursynów and Otwarty Ursynów. The project submitted to the participatory budget envisaged the installation of new technology benches equipped with a USB port, wireless internet, and a solar charger that powers smartphones by induction method.

Ultimately, four benches are planned to be installed – currently, two are located near Szolc-Rogoziński Street, near the Park of Polish Inventors (the next two are planned in the Park near Bażantarnia)”

Solar Bench Seedia Urban
Ławka Solarna Seedia Urban - Park Wynalazców Ursynów

The idea was for the solar benches to refer to the achievements of Polish inventors. We wanted to commemorate them symbolically in this way. We live in a world of new technologies, at a time when the era of typical museums is coming to an end. A modern bench equipped with useful functionalities seemed like an attractive gift for the residents of Ursynów. – recalls councilor Lenarczyk.


Solar Bench Seedia Urban
Ławka Solarna Seedia Urban - Park Wynalazców Ursynów

Intelligent park furniture is not just a specialty of Ursynów. There are a dozen or so such seats throughout Warsaw. Three of them – additionally equipped with bicycle racks – are located at the Family Support Center at ul. Stara 4 in the Old Town. Others can be found in Ursus and in the vicinity of the Copernicus Science Center. Installation of solar benches in public spaces brings many benefits. Firstly, these benches use solar energy, which means that they are environmentally friendly.

Solar Benches

Solar benches are practical and functional because they allow you to charge electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Thirdly, solar benches are aesthetic and innovative, which attracts attention and encourages their use. Finally, solar benches are multifunctional because they can be equipped with additional elements such as bicycle racks, speakers, or intelligent LED lighting. Thanks to this, solar benches are an ideal solution for public spaces because they combine functionality, aesthetics, and ecology. Also check out the additional features of solar benches.

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