Turek as the first city with smog sensors installed in solar benches

It has long been known how a dangerous and dreadful problem is air pollution which causes thousands of diseases and deaths every year.

That is why, as a producer of smart city infrastructure, we decided to integrate Polish top smog sensors with products that we provide for the cities. Thanks to our devices being so energy independent we don’t need to install any additional framework to put smog sensors in. At the same time, data about air pollutions are presented in our login panel simultaneously with information about the bench’s performance and the dashboard for managing all the multimedia functions.

Turek is the first city where you can see solar benches equipped with smog sensors. That is a great example for other cities that are considering the installation of this type of sensors – besides the possibility of powering them, it is also an excellent educational value for citizens who will see not only the bench measuring the level of air pollution, but also provides energy in an ecological way, thanks to photovoltaic panels.

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Seedia Sp. z o.o. uses funds from the European Union in the implementation of the project number RPZP.01.01.00-32-0021/18, under the name "SOLARSTOP” - Intelligent, ecological and energy independent bus stop" within the measure: Research and development projects of enterprises from the Regional Operational Program of the Województwo Zachodniopomorskie 2014-2020.