SEEDiA technology in Poznań

The square built by Budimex on Święty Marcin Street in Poznań has gained 8 solar benches in 2019. All the benches there are powered by technology from SEEDiA.

Implementations like the one in Poznań show that urban infrastructure can be both modern but also meet the requirements for urban space and the approval of the conservation officer. The technology developed by SEEDiA allows for intelligent solar energy management.

The technology provided is fully energy autonomous and environmentally friendly. The equipment extracts solar energy via photovoltaic panels and stores it in batteries, ensuring uninterrupted performance. An energy management system allows energy to be used sparingly according to priority level.

It is also a series of safeguards to make the equipment more reliable. Algorithms avoid excessive battery consumption and, when the batteries are fully charged, energy is used to cool components.

Data is also key. Through the cloud platform, devices can be managed remotely. An open API allows integration with external city systems.

The benches on Św. Marcin are not the only SEEDiA products to be found in Poznań. A solar bench in the City Classic model stands on the Ignacy Łukasiewicz green space. It offers charging for mobile devices, WiFi wireless internet and checking smog levels on the SEEDiA City mobile app.

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