Solar benches

Smart solar furniture
for the Smart City



SEEDiA solar benches are equipped with a variety of safety features

Tempered glass a layer covering solar panels
Anchoring attached to the ground
Steel casing resistance to vandalism
safe wifi
Safe internet P2P and adult sites blocking
Remote module control online monitoring
ISO 9001 ISO 9001 LL-C Certification
Smart City Bench

How to improve the image of the municipality?

Many municipalities and cities face the challenge of increasing awareness and improving their image. Creating free Wi-Fi zones and urban hotspots combined with free power to charge mobile devices is, according to research, one of the better ways to build a positive image.

92% of users think that solar benches are a very good investment and regularly use free Internet or electricity. In addition, a remotely managed audio player allows you to “tell a story” and lighting increases security. Smog and energy sensors allow users to present the full data set in a mobile app and remote panel, while the city also gains user monitoring and heat maps for public space use.



Solar city bench


Our city solar bench was born out of experience and the search for new, more flexible ways to present our designs. Apart from its unique looks and modern character, City is based on a modular design, making it possible to create 3 different configurations from basic elements. Its personality is brought out by LED back light.