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May 4, 2020
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Smart Solar Hand Sanitizers SEEDiA

Dozownik miejski
Dozownik miejski

In SEEDiA we are also going through a “COVID  transformation”. Based on our technology, we have designed a special line of Smart Solar Hand Sanitizers for public spaces, but also for offices, shopping malls. Autonomous, remotely managed, non-contact – that is what the technologies of the future will be – the sanitizers will also be equipped with large, non-contact e-paper screens and audio modules by which everyone will learn about the way to proceed and the challenges in the cities.

Smart Solar Hand Sanitizers
Smart Solar Hand Sanitizers

Solar Hand Sanitizer BASIC 

Designed to meet the need to increase hygiene in public and office spaces. Now is the time to change habits and beyond masks, hand disinfection is the key to to maintain the safety of people.

As always at SEEDiA, we have focused on unique design, that will make the places that matter to us more attractive by elements of small architecture.

The highest quality materials and advanced technology make the product supplied unique.The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser can be powered by solar energy when it is working outdoor. It has an automatic disinfectant dispenser equipped with a sensor that automatically activates when your hands are placed under the dosing nozzle with the correct amount of liquid. Thanks to the communication with the cloud, the device collect and automatically transmit the information about the amount of liquid in the bottle, which allows to keep the tank always filled.

Solarne dozowniki miejskie
Solarne dozowniki miejskie

Solar Hand Sanitizer BASIC +

Slightly wider than BASIC , it has two disinfection nozzles, allowing easier access and more users to use. Especially useful in the most attended areas.

Solar hand sanitizers
Solar hand sanitizers

Solar Hand Sanitizer with InfoKiosk

The most advanced model. In addition to disinfection, it also provides the functions of a remote managed audio and e-paper display capabilities, which also educate and communicate through video and audio that can be remotely accessed and changed.

SEEDiA Sanitizers have a high volume of liquid – 10 litres – but above all, mobility and remote measurement of the amount of liquid remaining in the device. The inside is supplied from the grid, outside from the solar panel.

SEEDiA Cloud allows you to analyze the amount of fluid in real time, and email alerts allow you to respond only when needed. In addition, all dispensers are visible in SEEDiA App – the mobile city app – so people can see their locations in cities.

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