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April 19, 2022
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Case studies

Small architecture of SEEDiA in Kazimierza Wielka


Kazimierza Wielka, a municipality located in the southern part of the Świętokrzyskie Province, has completed a project to rebuild its Town Square. The place gained a new look, greenery, parking spaces and was equipped with SEEDiA intelligent technologies such as a solar bus shelter and SEEDiA City Classic solar benches. Residents and visitors can already enjoy the solar bus shelter, solar benches and city benches based on our design. This is one of the first projects where SEEDiA has supplied all the small architecture.

The bus stop is powered by solar panels. Smart LED lighting with a twilight sensor adjusts the light output as needed, thus saving energy and increasing battery life. Users can charge their devices via USB and an inductive charger.

This implementation is an example of how SEEDiA solutions help to build entire projects in which even only a part is smart.

Kazimierza Wielka will be one of the cities where the Smart City & Smart Village conference will be held. More information is available at this link:
Smart City & Smart Village 2022 conference series.


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