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April 15, 2021
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Premiere! Meet the newest solar benches SEEDiA Urban

Rendery ławki New Urban
Rendery ławki New Urban

The latest version of SEEDiA Urban solar benches

While providing our customers with Smart City products and solutions, we saw many challenges and features that customers, distributors and the smart city sector itself expect. We decided that the popular, natural and organic solar bench – Urban – is the model on which we will base our product development.

We have seen that the process of transporting products to the recipient requires reducing the price and increasing the flexibility of logistics, which is why New Urban is a bench 30% lighter and more modular, making its transport and installation cheap, simple and fast.

The new design is also characterized by a significantly shorter production time. The 25% reduced price has lowered the barrier to entry, allowing each project to have more benches – ambient data inputs, creating a more dense network of public charging stations. Devices remotely communicate with the cloud presenting information in an accessible way via the new Smart City management platform –

New Urban is a product that allows you to optimize urban space much more effectively. We analyzed all the feedback from owners and users of our previous models and added some valuable features.

Smart benches can be freely configured by equipping them with various functionalities such as: loudspeaker, PM2.5 and PM10 smog sensors, sensors for monitoring humidity and temperature. LED lighting improves safety, and sensor data can provide information on air quality. The modularity of the bench allows the installation of additional functional elements, such as: bicycle stands, backrest.

The new Urban has been designed so that all elements are in one place – we called this solution Monobox. All service elements such as batteries, cables, electronics, sensors, etc. are located in one place with easy access for service technicians. The new bench is also fully modular, which is the essence of the Monobox system.

Konstrukcja ławki solarnej
Konstrukcja ławki solarnej

The monobox system in the New Urban solar bench

We installed thicker and more durable boards on the backrest and on the seat. The planks now fill the seat 100% and run from the edge to the edge of the bench. The bench has certificates necessary for proper and reliable operation, such as: CE, IP, IK and ATEX.

Inside the bench there are 2 batteries, a new, more efficient fan, speakers, smog and weather sensor, temperature sensor, dusk sensors and LED lights.

The new benches have a more advanced and precise GPS module. We have also improved the inductive chargers so that they have a better range and greater charging power. From now on, your mobile device will charge faster.

We upgraded the bench connection so now we have a more stable 2G and LTE connection. All our products feature protection against excessive battery consumption. We have introduced a new email notification – about low charge, number of users and approaching end of subscription.

As a result, residents gain new functionalities in the public space. The new Urban is ideally suited to both parks and bike paths, as well as close to public buildings. An example is the first implementation of our new benches. Three copies of Urban New were installed on the Edu-Kampus premises at the Poviat Vocational and Continuing Education Center in Puck.

Ławka Solarna New Urban
Ławka Solarna New Urban

One of the three new solar benches delivered for the city of Puck.

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