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December 27, 2019
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Infokiosk Future at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona


The end of November turned out to be extremely productive for us, thanks to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, ​​which is the largest trade fair in the world targeted at representatives of smart products.

Our latest product, powered by solar energy – Infokiosk Future had a successful premiere on site. It is a modern product, combining futuristic, attractive design with functions that easily solve urban problems. Equipped with a 32-inch display, offering e-paper technology, allows you to provide always up-to-date public information, as well as current ads. Additional elements, such as USB inputs, as well as induction chargers provide residents and tourists with free energy in public space, which positively affects their feelings and assessment of cities. The emission-free method of generating electricity is also a topic that is inseparable element of building a healthy future in smart technology, if we care about sustainable development and it depends. Infokiosk Future, however, is even more possibilities, thanks to the hot-spot function that will allow users unlimited access to the internet, and provide analysts with important public data. Smog sensors mounted inside are an additive that analyzes the air composition and provides users with current information on the level of pollution in the environment.

Infokiosk Future is a completely new era of information and advertising in public space, which has received great interest at the fair. We are very happy that Infokiosk has gained the recognition of other participants, and we have gained a chance to make many new contacts. Smart City Expo is definitely a unique event and we are looking forward to going to it next year.

Seedia at Smart City Expo in Barcelona
Seedia at Smart City Expo in Barcelona
Smart Infokiosk
Smart Infokiosk
Kuba Podgórzak
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