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October 24, 2017
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First solar bench in Gostynin


Smart bench from the URBAN line was recently installed in Gostynin. Its appearance is the first stage of collaboration between SEEDiA and the District Authority Office as part of the pro-environmental project ECO-SOLARIS. The aim is to educate the public on the subject of renewable energy sources.

Inteligentna Ławka Gostynin
Inteligentna Ławka Gostynin

– We chose SEEDiA due to its intriguing product design, flexible approach to the client’s needs and most extensive offer of indoor and outdoor devices, as well as our desire to support a young, Polish company – says Andrzej Wiśniewski, Head of the Department of Promotion and Development of Gostynin Authority Office.

Ławka Seedia w Gostyninie
Ławka Seedia w Gostyninie

The solar-powered bench was placed in early October at Dmowskiego Street, next to the seat of the Authority Office.
The inhabitants of Gostynin can not only sit on the bench, but also use wireless internet and charge their smartphones.

Kobieta na ławce Seedia
Kobieta na ławce Seedia

According to Andrzej Wiśniewski, the main goal of the ECO-SOLARIS project is to educate the public on the topic of new technologies, including renewable energy sources. The installation provides educational role for the students of local schools and members of the local government. The county also conducted two editions of educational workshop “Oswajamy OZE” (“Taming Renewable Energy Sources”) for over 600 students from secondary schools.

– By creating a network of photovoltaic charging stations ECO-SOLARIS, Gostyń County fulfills the basic provisions of County Development Strategy until year 2020. To this point we launched the first 4 kW educational photovoltaic installation in Masovia, and received, and therefore saved, 10309 kWh – explains Andrzej Wiśniewski.

Ławka Solarna Gostynin
Ławka Solarna Gostynin

URBAN line benches are a flagship product of SEEDiA. It was created to exhibit both durability and intricate, modern design, thanks to which it is a great fit for urban architecture. The bench is made from steel and wood and equipped with a photovoltaic panel, which is secured by toughened glass.

– Gostynin is the second city in Masovia, only after Warsaw, to fit into the smart city trend supported by us. The county authority is in touch with today’s inhabitants’ needs. Thanks to mutual understanding our collaboration has been outstan – says Artur Racicki, cofounder of SEEDiA.

SEEDiA: a Polish startup company, offering smart, eco-friendly benches powered by solar energy. The company mission is to create modern, innovative, urban furniture powered with renewable energy sources for Smart Cities. SEEDiA has 4 lines of benches: City, Urban, Future and Invention. SEEDiA benches are located i.a. in Warsaw, Krakow, Zielona Góra, Tarnobrzeg, Gostynin and Popielów County.

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