jCharge  – Universal e-mobility city charger for the Smart City

The charging station for electric scooters and bicycles is a fully modular and autonomous product, designed for the development of micro-electromobility in cities. Operation requiring no external power supply is possible thanks to efficient solar panels and dedicated electronics. In its default configuration, the station consists of 4 charging stations in the form of 2 low and 2 high poles. Each pole is equipped with a universal vertical slot, which alternatively allows the bike to be docked. The posts have double-sided grips that stabilise the scooter’s handlebars.

Seedia jCharge

E-scooter charger

PV power340 W
Battery60 Ah
Charging voltage40-58 V
Operationoff grid/on grid
Chargeable vehiclesscooters/bikes
Height2461 mm
Width1978 mm
Remote management
Performance analysis
Interactive LED (dark and motion sensor)
Integration with operators
Rust protection
Versatility (possibility of charging various scooters and electric bikes)

Case Study

  • jCharge – universal electromobility charging stations for the Smart City

    Traffic jam-free streets are a rare sight. In fact, only on holidays, when people living in cities go to their family homes or on vacation, we have the opportunity to smoothly pass through the city. Currently, we live in a strong trend of urbanization. A study conducted by UNICEF showed how population migrations look like …

    27 August 2021


      SEEDiA solar benches are equipped with a variety of safety features:

      • Tempered glass
        – a layer covering solar panels
      • Anchoring
        – attached to the ground
      • Steel casing
        – resistance to vandalism
      • Safe Internet
        – P2P and adult sites blocking
      • Remote module control
        – online monitoring



      We chose SEEDiA due to its intriguing product design, flexible approach to the client’s needs and most extensive offer of indoor and outdoor devices. We also take under consideration fact, that we are supporting a young, Polish company which offer is compatible with our long-term plans.

      Andrzej Wiśniewski
      Head of the Department of Promotion and Development of Gostynin Authority Office

      Smart benches are a great fit to to our modern approach to the playground. We want to meet the needs of visiting parents and children, who gladly make use of the benches and the possibility to charge their smartphones

      Jarosław Adamczuk
      Director of the Warsaw Support Center for Families

      The investor chose the Seedia Future model, which has received numerous awards for its modern design and its unique design fits perfectly with the urban space in which the benches were installed. The idea of ​​using renewable energy sources by the society corresponds to pro-ecological solutions promoted by Decathlon, whose logo appears on installed devices.

      Michal Brutkowski
      Proxy of DECATHLON Sp. z o.o.

      The location of benches in the Castle Park in Szamotuły met with positive reception from residents who are eager to use the opportunities offered by installed devices.
      Information about this also appeared in the local press as a solution producing “clean energy” and promoting pro-ecological solutions.

      mgr. Włodzimierz Kaczmarek
      Mayor of the City and Commune of Szamotuły

      Installed benches met with great interest from the residents of Żary, who use their functionality on a daily basis. We can recommend this type of low-emission solutions to other cities that would like to introduce them

      Olaf Napiórkowski
      Deputy Mayor of Żary

      On 10.07.2019, Seedia’s smart solar benches were commissioned in Ustroń. They allow residents the opportunity to relax in the fresh air and take advantage of the function of ecological battery charging in mobile devices. In addition, the benches offer a Wi-Fi hot spot service, thanks to which you can log in to access the internet free of charge in public spaces.

      Jarosław Spandel
      Owner of P.P.U.H. WASP – BUD

      Fundusze Europejskie

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