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September 16, 2022
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Take part in the challenge! Mobility week

Wyzwanie mikromobilności
Wyzwanie mikromobilności

The European Mobility Week is an initiative to promote public transport, environmentally friendly ideas of small electromobility (bicycles, scooters) and healthy habits.

As SEEDiA, we promote the improvement of citizens’ quality of life. Building the cities of the future #smartcity, we try to support the choice of public transport and counteract the transport exclusion that is affecting more and more regions of Poland. A year ago, on the occasion of the Sustainable Transport Week, we implemented in Rzeszów, the first solar charging station for scooters and electric bicycles.

For this year’s edition, we are coming out with a Challenge initiative. The rules are simple:

  • the participant posts a photo on his or her Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profile in which he or she travels in a sustainable way, e.g. by public transport, rail, bicycle or scooter;
  • enters #ecotransport in the post;
  • types 3 more friends who are taking the same steps into the @profile challenge.

Duration: 16.09 – 22.09.2022


People who move around by car on a daily basis are particularly encouraged to take part in our Challenge. This is a great opportunity to find out that taking public transport can really be a cost-effective and faster means of transport than standing in traffic jams during urban rush hour.

Let’s remember that by changing our transport habits we can make our cities and municipalities more liveable. Public transport is not only about being green, it is also about making practical savings. More passengers, more money for the municipal budgets, and showing authorities and politicians that investing in public transport makes sense. It also has a significant impact on the problem of transport exclusion, which such measures will gradually reduce.

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