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April 24, 2024
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Autonomous solar electric bike rental station


An autonomous electric bike rental is an innovative and profitable addition to the offer of any hotel. By providing guests with a modern form of transportation, it not only stands out from the competition but also creates the opportunity for hoteliers to generate additional income. Thanks to our solution, a return on investment is possible already in the second year of operation, and considering grants, revenues can start almost immediately.

  • The average daily rental rate in Europe is around 40 EUR.
  • One bike is rented out on average for 80 days a year.
  • A fleet of 10 bikes translates to an income of 30 000 EUR!

About out solution

We offer two models of autonomous electric bike rentals that are perfect for any hotel, regardless of its size:

  • Solar jChare Station with 8 bikes – a compact charging station with a charging stand for each bike, ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Solar Shelter with 8 bikes – a spacious shelter with a full charging station for each bike, designed for larger facilities.

What’s in it for hotels?

  • Earnings from the first day: Our electric bike rental allows for revenue generation from the moment of launch. High demand: Market trends and our experience show that hotel guests are actively seeking electric bike rental options, which ensures continuous interest and usage of the fleet.
  • Flexibility and minimal servicing: Thanks to the use of modern technology, our stations are easy to operate and do not require constant supervision, significantly reducing operating costs.
    What’s included in the offer:

What’s included in the offer?

  • High-quality electric bikes with a full 2-year warranty.
  • Solar docking and charging station for bikes – Essential equipment for charging and secure storage of bikes.
  • Annual warranty service of the bike – Comprehensive service to ensure the technical efficiency of bikes throughout the operation period.
  • Annual warranty service of the docking locks – Ensures continuity and security of the locking system.
  • Implementation of bike rental software – A lifetime SaaS System license for rental management, allowing efficient fleet management.
  • Subscription fee for the bike rental payment system – Handling of online reservations by hotel guests.
  • Training in the area of bike rentals – Professional preparation of staff to manage the rental system and customer service.
  • Training in the area of bike service – Staff education on basic repairs and routine bike maintenance.

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Artur Racicki, Co-Founder