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Powered by SEEDiA technologies Kraków pocket park awarded at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona!

The World Congress Smart City Expo aims to strengthen cities and collectivize urban innovations all over the world by promoting social innovations, establishing partnerships and recognizing business opportunities. The event was made to create a better future for cities and their citizens around the world.

In Krakow’s pocket park, intelligent elements of small infrastructure were installed – four solar benches and a solar bin which analyses the level of filling. In this very small area you can see various types of smart city that serves the residents and the city itself. The SEEDiA company won the Urban Environment Award for the most innovative and successful project of the ecosystem and a pocked-sized, easy-to-duplicate park, all in one.

This is a very good example of how cities in which there is a lack of large parks and spaces can in a simple way make small spaces far from the center much more functional for residents and tourists.

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