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April 6, 2020
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New SEEDiA City Trash Can in Kraków

Inteligentny kosz miejski
Inteligentny kosz miejski

A new, improved, solar City Trash Can designed by SEEDiA appeared in Kraków. Its earlier version has been improved and adapted to the needs of the city. The new functions are aimed at improving the work of municipal services and residents. The appearance of the solar trash can has been perfectly adapted to our City line.

A Trash Can design has been improved with a flap to protect it from the incoming rain. We improved the ashtray, which is even faster to dismantle and we improved the ergonomics of opening, which will allow municipal services to empty it from the garbage faster.

What is more, the new SEEDiA trash can is more resistant to external conditions, thanks to protection against harmful factors such as acid or mold.

The SEEDiA trash can is an element of smart furniture which, thanks to modern technology, controls its filling and informs municipal services about it. This solution allows to optimize municipal services work by planning the route in advance.

Inteligentny kosz miejski
Inteligentny kosz miejski
Kuba Podgórzak
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