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February 24, 2020
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Future-oriented application


SEEDiA City app is an innovative project that directly participates in the process of creating smart cities and public spaces. The application allows its users to find the nearest charging point in the area and use it to charge the device using solar energy. Some of the points also offer a WiFi hotspot.

Benches, placed all over the country, equipped with solar panels, convert solar radiation into electricity, which allows you to easily charge, for example, a phone. The battery is recharged and the choice of solar energy directly contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
All public charging points are marked on the application map, and each user can report their failure or request such a point in their area.
However, this is not all the possibilities of SEEDiA City app. We have also decided to provide our users with information about the current state of air in their area. The installed smog sensors provide information about the state of the pollution and the user who uses the charging function will be updated with data related to the level of air cleanliness.

In addition, SEEDiA City app allows you to take part in a city game and collect points that can be exchanged for attractive prizes or discounts in the future.

The following instructional video should dispel any remaining doubts about how the application works.

Aplikacja Seedia
Aplikacja Seedia
Kuba Podgórzak
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