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August 21, 2023
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Elevating local mobility through the implementation of a Jcharge station at Sadyba Best Mall


As the issue of traffic in dense urban areas remains an important problem, SEEDiA is continuously trying to implement infrastructure necessary for people to  have viable alternatives to car-based commuting within the city.  This time together with Klépierre, the pan-European leader in shopping malls, we have at the entrance of Sadyba Best Mall, situated in the southern part of Warsaw.

Stacja ładowania hulajnóg
Stacja ładowania hulajnóg

This implementation aims to enhance shoppers’ mobility by offering a secure, solar-powered charging solution for their devices. Positioned in the parking lot adjacent to the main entrance, the station actively encourages mall-goers to transition from conventional combustion vehicles to electric scooters for their commute. As the first ever such project in a shopping center, the station sets an example of sustainable innovation.

The station offers 8 slots for parking and eco-friendly charging with the energy provided by the sun with the help of solar panels and a central unit that actively manages the energy running through the system. The station operates entirely self-sufficiently, incorporating advanced algorithms to guarantee a constant energy supply for charging purposes.

Solarna Stacja Ładowania w Warszawie
Solarna Stacja Ładowania w Warszawie
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