Future has been born out of experience and search for new, more flexible ways of presenting our design.

Solar bench - SEEDiA Future


We utilize solar panels that allow you decrease the need for energy, and thus CO2 emission


Charge your phone via USB – 24 hours per day


Utilize free WiFi while charging


Decreasing energy consumption and CO2 emission


Our solar benches are equipped with wireless chargers


Selected products have remotely operated OLED screens

SEEDiA Future Products

Solar bench - SEEDiA Future

SEEDiA Future

Designed to be the solar bench of tomorrow. Its simple, minimalistic construction provides intuitive usage, while its universal design perfectly fits modern plazas and industrial interior spaces. Side LED lamps allow to adjust its colors to the surroundings.

Solar powerUSB slots
120 W2
Charger capacityOutdoor use
30 AhYes, IP 65
Working temp.LED lightning
-20 – 50 ℃Yes, RGB
Working time (without solar power)Materials
120 hoursAluminum, tempered glass, opal glass
Solar bench - SEEDiA Future Kiosk

SEEDiA Future Kiosk

Future Kiosk is the perfect tool for communication – equipped with remotely-operated screens and mobile chargers, it draws attention from afar. Its futuristic design fits the solar bench perfectly.

Solar powerUSB slots
40 W2
Charger capacityOutdoor use
20 AhYes, IP 65
Working temp.Screen
-20 – 50 ℃LCD / e-paper
Working time (without solar power)aMaterials
120 hoursAluminum, tempered glass, opal glass

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Seedia Sp. z o.o. uses funds from the European Union in the implementation of the project number RPZP.01.01.00-32-0021/18, under the name "SOLARSTOP” - Intelligent, ecological and energy independent bus stop" within the measure: Research and development projects of enterprises from the Regional Operational Program of the Województwo Zachodniopomorskie 2014-2020.