Ecological, innovative & functional

Our mission is to design and deliver automated eco-infrastructure for smart cities.

Seedia usb charger

USB charger

All our products are equipped with mobile chargers. It's enough to plug a device into a special slot to fast-charge it.

Seedia usb charger


SEEDiA devices provide free Internet access; an automatically displayed splash page can be used for marketing and communication with the users.

Seedia usb charger

Inductive charger

It's enough to put a phone on a designated part of the bench to charge it wirelessly. Our chargers work in the most popular standard, QI.

Seedia usb charger


Display screens on the benches are used for both advertisment and communication. OLED technology is energy-efficient and provides perfect visibility.

Seedia usb charger


SEEDiA products work on solar energy stored in special batteries and used for chargers and other electronics, effectively reducing CO2 emission.

Benefits for local governments and residents

  • Ecology
    Powered by solar energy - free and widely available
  • Phone charging
    Available both in standard and inductive options
  • WiFi Hotspot
    Safe free WiFi in public space
  • Bike stands
    Supporting alternative transportation and healthy lifestyle
  • LED lightning
    Providing safety at night and highlighting innovation
  • Warranty
    Monitoring and maintenance of all Seedia products

City benches

Seedia City bestseller

City was born out of experience and the search for new, more flexible ways to present our designs. Apart from its unique looks and urban character, City is based on modular design, making it possible to create 4 different configurations from basic elements. Its personality is brought out by LED backlight.

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Seedia Urban

Urban is all about functionality. By combining modern features and necessary urban elements – bike racks and seats – we have created a compelling product for public spaces such as parks or plazas. Durable high quality materials used for this model are its another asset.

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Multifunctional benches


Seedia Future NEW

Designed to be the bench of tomorrow. Its simple, minimalistic construction provides intuitive usage, while its universal design perfectly fits modern plazas and industrial interior spaces. Side LED lamps allow to adjust its colors to the surroundings.

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Seedia Invention bestseller

The bench combines bold design and functionality of smart infrastructure. Its innovative shape is a perfect match for modern office spaces that take care of their image. Designed to stand out. Designed to inspire.

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Seedia benches are equipped with a variety of safety features:

  • Tempered glass
    - a layer covering solar panels
  • Anchoring
    - attached to the ground
  • Steel casing
    - resistance to vandalism
  • Safe Internet
    - P2P and adult sites blocking
  • Remote module control
    - online monitoring

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